Novodistribuciones was born in 2006 as an online retail store, and in 2008 it became Grupo Novodistribuciones SL, dedicated to the online sale of major and retail wedding items, specializing in the details of guests. Through the online store you can find any gift to deliver to guests in any type of events (weddings, baptisms, communions, birthdays, corporate gifts ...). We are currently one of the references on the Internet for the sale of details. Thanks to direct import from Asia, our prices are the most competitive. We have a wide catalog with more than 3,000 products of continuous availability. In Grupo Novodistributions we are aware that electronic commerce is increasingly used for the great convenience of buying from anywhere, so our online store is up to date in the technologies of electronic commerce. With a presence in France from one of the group's pages, the aim of Grupo Novodistributions is to bring our services throughout Europe and increase the catalog with different product lines.