How to buy in the Online Store?

To place an order in our online store , you only have to perform 3 simple steps:

1.- Are you registered with us?

1.1- Yes. Log in to the upper right of the page, in the "Identify yourself" link, by entering your email and password.

1.2- No. Create your account by clicking on the link in the upper right called "Identify yourself".

First, enter your email in the box on the right "Create your account". Then, fill in the customer form with the information requested. Enter a landline and mobile phone to be able to easily locate you in case of any issue with your order.

2.- Add products to the cart

You can use our search engine at the top or browse through our categories.

When you find a product that you like, click on it to view it larger or see the details.

If you wish to purchase, write the amount you want and click on "Buy", and the product will be added to the cart.

Some products can be customized, and you will be asked to type the text and click on Save personalization before adding the desired quantity to the cart.

Some products have special promotions applied, and they will be shown in each of themwith the option to click on the offer to expand the information and view the conditions.

3.- Validate your purchase

Once you have added all the products you want on the page, place yourself in the shopping cart if it is not already, by clicking on "Cart" in the upper right with the icon of a shopping cart.

3.1.- Summary screen of your purchase.

View the content, change quantities, enter discount vouchers that you have from previous purchases and click on Next.

3.2.- Address screen.

Confirm the delivery address of your order and the billing address (both the same by default. As a general rule you will not have to change them). Click on Save and Next.

3.3.- Shipping mode.

Based on your address, product, purchase amount ... you will be offered the different shipping methods that we offer, international shipping, free shipping, direct collection in our stores .... Click on Next.

3.4.- Payment method.

Select if you want to pay cash on delivery, by credit card, store payment ....

All our payment methods are safe. We will not store any information about your card, accounts or any payment information.

3.5.- Order confirmation.

A summary of the total order is displayed, click on "Confirm my order" and you will be directedá to a confirmation screen where you will be indicated that these data have also reached your email (order code, account number to which you must enter if you have chosen the bank transfer, the address of your nearest store in case having chosen the collection in store ...)

At the end of this step, you will have your order placed with us.

You will be kept fully informed via email or telephone of the states through which your order passes so you do not have to worry about anything.